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       Taganrog is situated in the South of Russia on the Azov Sea. It was founded by Peter the Great in 1698. Taganrog is an industrial town, there are more then 300 enterprises there.
       Taganrog was visited by Pushkin, Chaikovsky, Smitd, Garibaldy and others.There are a lot of historical places and monuments in our town: the monument to Peter the Great, to Anton Checkov, to Alexander I, the house, where the Checkovs lived, Literatory museam after Checkov and so on. The monument to Peter the Great was created by a well-known Russian sculptor Antokolsky. The monument is situated on the shore of the Azov Sea.
       Taganrog is a cultural center. There are two Institutions for Higher Education, seven colleges, thirty eight secondary schools, four museums, a theatre, a Picture Gallery, many libraries and cinemas. In 1977 Taganrog Drama Theatre after Checkov celebrated it's 150-th anniversary. It was awarded with the State Order.
       Taganrog becomes more beautiful from year to year.


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