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The design of this page was not prompted me by my inner voice, no! Otherwise I should have go and consult psychoanalyst. I have not produced a book during all my life, so you can easily imagine how much knowledge there is inside my mind. It's open secret that people should share their knowledge, exchange opinions and ideas. The aim of this page is to represent the town I live in, to share my ideas with different people and to creat a little world of my own in the vast space of Internet.

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30.06.2004 In the paragraph "Humour" an item "What is the gender of our computer?" was added.

- In the paragraph "Humour" an item "A Guide to UK" was added.

- In the paragraph "Humour" the items "Sous la douche" , "A Survey by the UN", "On a Camping Trip" were added.

- In the paragraph "Humour" an item "Not for Feminists..." was added.

- In the paragraph "Humour" an item Diary Of a Paranoid Cat was added.

- In the paragraph "Humour" an item Feminine & Masculine Dictionary was added.

24.11.2001 - A new item of my Literary Page with my favouried Russian poems in English appeared.

24.10.2001 -
The English variant was released:)

11.08.2001 - The new subject"My paintings " appeared in the item "About me"

09.08.2001 - Guest book has been created. You can put down your remarks in it :)

30.06.2001 - An idea occurred to me :) And you can see the result ;)


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