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My favourite Russian poems

in English

I loved you once
(A.S. Pushkin)

I loved you once
Still maybe this old passion
Has not extinguished in my soul yet
But I don't want to cause you tribulation
So let it no longer be your fret.

Hopeless and silent did my love appear
With jealousy and diffidence I pined,
My love was so tender, so sincere,
God bless a man to love you in this kind.

(interpretation by Anton Moravsky)

I keep in mind a magic instant...
(A.S. Pushkin)

I keep in mind a magic instant
Your image sailed before my eye
Like phantom both close and distant
Like Beauty that will never die.

Years passed and storms in their rebelloin,
Then dissipated former dreams,
And made your tender voice so ailen -
the features of your graceful limbs.

In darkness of my daily prison
My eathly term kept wearing on
And I got no godly reason
No love, no tears, yet anon.

My soul is rejuvenescent
Again I see you with my eye
Like phantom you are eranescent
Like Beauty you will never die.

My hearts now pounds in jubilation
And everything's revied for me -
Divinity and Inspiration
And Love in me will always be.

(interpretation by Anton Moravsky)


© Alina 2001
Saturday, November 24, 2001 23:36


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